Prison Fund

The Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners was initiated in 2006 in response to numerous requests for spiritual materials from prison chaplains and individual prisoners. In 2019 the Fund sent $90,000 worth of FREE publications by Sister Joan Chittister to prison chaplains and volunteers ministering in more than 100 prisons across the United States. The Fund is in close contact with this network of chaplains who personally distribute the materials received. Individual requests from those in prison are also honored.

The Fund is especially intent on getting the monthly publication, The Monastic Wa by Joan Chittister, into the prisons because chaplains find this interfaith resource ideal for personal and group reflection.

The Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners depends on the support of individual donations.


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Prisoners are the most forgotten people in society and the least served in Christianity.
For all our sakes, I’d like to change that. —Joan Chittister

Sanctuario de San Pedro Claver Cartagena Colombia

How can you help?

Please consider an Individual Gift—no amount is too small or insignificant. For a donation of $12, we can give a person in prison a one-year subscription to The Monastic Way.

Group Gift or Sponsorship—as a parish, community, small group or family make a donation of $100 or more.

Joan Chittister meets Prison Fund beneficiaries

How are the materials used?

Our materials are used in classes, for individual reflection and prayer, in group discussions, for retreats. Here is a sampling of uses:

  • a few prison chaplains are offering a journal workshops and each of the women who signs up receives a Joan Chittister Journal
  • The Monastic Way is used by thousands of prisoners for daily inspiration and prison prayer groups use it as their text
  • Joan Chittister Calendars containing inspirational quotations are hanging on the walls of hundreds of prison cells
  • at least six prisons have started lay Benedictine communities, Monasteries of the Heart, and another 12 chaplains are in a pilot-training program to implement similar monastic communities in prison using materials provided by the Fund
  • 12-Step groups are using our text, 12 Steps to Inner Freedom: Humility Revisitedby Joan Chittister

— for I was in prison
and you visited me.

(Mt. 25:36)

Have you never
been in prison?

Never been
by your fears,
your embarrassments,
your humiliations,
you inadequacies?

if you have
you know that
then, only those
who “visit” you
can make a difference.
— Joan Chittister

Sister Joan meets with women who represent thousands of prisoners around the country who receive free materials through the Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners.



Are you a prison chaplain or volunteer? Contact us for information on receiving free spirituality materials for your ministry.
Sister Rosanne Lindal Hynes, Prison Liaison
Sister Mary Ellen Plumb, Monasteries of the Heart
Call: 814-459-9224
Email: Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners

In this short video, Barbara Redmond and Jane Eggleston, Prison Ministry Volunteers from Corona, CA, speak of how important you are to their outreach to those in prison.