Imagine this offer: Personal conversations with someone whose writing you've read and wished you could hear from directly. The ongoing possibility to pursue real reflection on today's important spiritual questions. The opportunity to be led through familiar Scripture passages each month in ways that stretch your thinking, nourish your spirit, and help you form your own opinions on the issues of the age.

This incredible offer is available to you when you subscribe to The Monastic Way, Joan Chittister’s free online monthly publication with daily reflections. Your subscription will automatically renew for free, starting September 2021. If you can, consider adding a donation to the Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners so we can send The Monastic Way to those behind bars. Read more here.

Your free subscription gets you FULL AND IMMEDIATE access to The Monastic Way website and a pdf version emailed to you each month—and periodic mini-webinars with Sister Joan during which you can offer your own personal insights, ask questions and discuss ideas together. Your subscription also enables you to participate in an ongoing online forum with other members, reflecting together on important spiritual matters in ways that can stretch your thinking and nourish your spirit.

Monastic Way Subscription

Subscribe to a one-year ONLINE that begins with the next full month. As soon as your subscription to the online version is complete you will have access to the current month. No need to renew, all renewals will be done automatically.

It is NOT POSSIBLE to buy a subscription for another person because each subscriber must have their own account. If you want to send The Monastic Way online as a gift, you can now do that freely. If you select a licensing option you will receive an email near the end of each month with a PDF of the Monastic Way which you can simply forward to your friends and family. Click here for license options.


Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners Donation

In 2019 the Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners sent $90,000 worth of spiritual materials, including The Monastic Way, Joan Chittister Calendars and Journals to people in prison. With your generous support, the Fund has been offering this spiritual sustenance to prisoners for 15 years. If you are able to make a contribution, it will have an immediate and significant impact on someone's life. Enter a quantity below and it will be multiplied by $1. Do not use a decimal. Read more here.